Bad Rappenau, Germany | Completed 2007


The new Stadtcarré project reconnects the train station with the inner city. The proposed development will be connected with its surroundings by a new pedestrian bridge. Retail at the street level of the new project repairs the present disjunction of the inner city shopping street and offers supported living for seniors and family housing on the upper floors, subsequently creating new options for an urban community. The whole complex sits on a single base building, which also addresses parking needs. Adjoining the upper three-storey atrium are the supported living units, along with office and service facilities for Diakonie, the care provider. A pneumatic roof assembly covers the atrium. Underneath are walkways screened with carpets of bougainvilleas infusing a Mediterranean garden quality, as well as reducing the energy requirements through evaporative cooling. The family units on the west side invoke the familiar scale and identity of townhouses. The retail gallery on the ground level has the unique spatial quality of a historic village market street and is oriented directly towards the neo-classical church designed by Hermann Behagel in 1880, one of the city's most celebrated landmarks. The complexity and qualities of the new spaces add an additional layer onto the existing urban pattern, providing a contemporary reading of the city’s historic structures.


Building Design: 
AIR studio
Inge Roecker


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