Lu’s Pharmacy

Vancouver, British Columbia | Completed 2009


Women living and working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside face many difficulties - one of the biggest is the access to health care. With the creation of LU’s Pharmacy/Vancouver Women’s Health Collective, these women were able to receive the specialized attention, care and support that they need. There were a number of challenge involved in the creation of a new space within the existing building. The first challenge was to overcome the lack of natural lighting throughout the long and narrow space. The second challenge was to create a space that would simultaneously function as a pharmacy, while also providing a women-only space in the back. The program consists of a pharmacy for women, a nurse and doctor’s office, a facility for naturopathic treatment, yoga classes and a new home for the Vancouver’s Women’s Health Collective.

Published in Pharmacies by Chris van Uffelen.

This project was featured in the Vancouver Art Gallery’s 2011 exhibition WE: VANCOUVER - 12 MANIFESTOS FOR THE CITY.



Interior Design: 
ASIR studio (Vancouver)
Inge Roecker

Industrial Design: 
Organelle Design (Vancouver)