GO! Gallery

Chinatown, Vancouver | Completed 2010


GO! A TEMPORARY GALLERY for PERMANENT CHANGE is one of a series of temporary public arts works coordinated as a part of BRIGHT LIGHT which took place along the Carrall Street Greenway and the adjacent area during the period of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympics.

Set in one of Chinatown’s oldest and almost-forgotten courtyards, (just off of West Pender Street and close to the Chinese Cultural Centre), GO! transformed one of Vancouver’s many underused, under-lit areas into an illuminated canopy of light and space. Utilizing umbrellas printed with a luminescent map of the Bright Light galleries, video projections, light installations and programmed events, the courtyard becomes a lively gathering space, encouraging participation and play, gatherings and discovery, celebrating neighbourhood and community.



Design & Organization: 
ASIR Studio , RUF Project
& Organelle Design

Special Thanks To: 
Van City, The City of Vancouver,
The Yue Shan Society, Chinatown BIA,
Chinatown Next, UBC,
Bob Rennie & the VCRC

Chris Mills, Timothy Stone,Yuji Taxanashi,
Na-Young Cho, Mauricio Lozano,
Alicia Medina, Ellen Ziegler, Laura Kosak,
James Reimer, Thomas Unterstab,
Susanna Spiti, Dave Dexter,
Federica Piccone, Edward Minnet,
Kevin Zhang, Ben Watt-Meyer,
Genta Ishimura, Charlotte Faulx,
Craig Bissell, Josh Jordan, Idette de Boer,
James Steidle, Andrea Olmstead,
Mike van der Laan