Calgary Ped Bridge

Calgary, Alberta | Completed 2009

The design intent is to evoke the line of the clouds during the meteorological event of a Chinook. Since this bridge is experienced as arching across the west, the line of the arch is a natural reference to this phenomenon. By maintaining a shallowness to the arch, as much as is structurally efficient, the line of the bridge can provide significance to the public in referencing this event, which is so significant in the culture of Calgary.

The arches for this option become slightly broader at the support points, visually representing the accumulating forces as they aggregate towards the support points.

By its configuration, this option will provide a visually interesting experience to the traveling public and will provide a point of interest to the communities in the area. Bridges of this type often become valued by their communities and the public in general.

Since the arches will come up beside the bridge users as they cross the structure and then disappear and reappear again, the bridge should provide an interesting crossing experience. As well, the structure itself, being at least 3 metres in height above deck at centre spans will provide a feeling of enclosure. As with the others, this bridge will have good views both to the mountains and the city centre.





Construction Image.JPG


Concept Design: 
AIR Infrastructure (formerly InfrastructureStudio)
Annalisa Meyboom

Hugh Hawk