The intention behind our work is to give agency to people in the spaces where they live their lives. Whether designing housing, infrastructure or public space, we consider the space, materials and light in relation to the body and its movement through the areas of occupation. We believe well-designed spaces can enhance people’s everyday lives and that this effect accumulates, thereby provide better and more successful cities.

AIR studio is a small studio located in Chinatown, Vancouver, whose principals are Inge Roecker and AnnaLisa Meyboom, both are professors at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, at the University of British Columbia. Our work includes multifamily housing projects in Canada and Germany.


Inge Roecker

Architecture Inge Roecker - Principal

Architect, AIBC - Canada

Architekt, AKBW - Germany

Professor, UBC SALA 

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Inge Roecker is the founding member of AIR studio, formerly ASIR Studio. Inge’s research is focused on sustainable forms of urban habitation and their relationship with evolving social and cultural forces. She develops an architecture that embodies an independent form of modernism and is free of stylistic compulsions. Her interventions demonstrate a commitment to sustainable building practice and an investigation into its relationship with cultural issues. Her architectural practice focuses on contemporary programming, cultural context and sustainable building. There has been a strong commitment to multi-generational housing and research on ageing and changing societal needs.

Roecker is also the co-founder of the interdisciplinary research collective, living lab, which centres its inquiry and works on her interests in urban living and urban communities. The social, cultural, and material significance of her practice’s work has been recognized internationally through awards, publications, and exhibitions. Roecker is a Passive House trained professional.

Roecker is a Professor at the University of British Columbia and leads a community outreach studio in partnership with communities for example with the City of Vancouver's Chinatown Revitalization Program to explore the possibilities of transforming the historic district into a contemporary neighbourhood. Roecker is a Board Member at the Vancouver Chinese Garden, Chinatown Society Buildings Revitalization Committee, Vancouver Chinatown Revitalization Committee and S.U.C.C.E.S.S.


Annalisa Meyboom

AIR Infrastructure - Principal



Professor, UBC SALA 

AnnaLisa Meyboom is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA). She holds a degree in engineering from University of Waterloo and a Masters of Architecture degree from University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on the impact of technology on our built environment both at the scale of building structure as well as infrastructure. With her research group TIPSlab, she looks at the design of public transportation infrastructure and its critical and catalytic relationship to public space. Her research interests involve the state of the art in robotic fabrication of wood as well as integrated design of future transportation infrastructure, She teaches architecture design studios looking at the future language of wood, the core structural engineering courses for the School of Architecture as well as the seminars in Future Transportation & Urban Form and Advanced Structures and Digital Methods.

Follow the link below for more information on Meyboom’s research for the University of British Columbia:



Weiwei Fan

Intern Architect, AIBC


Paula Martinez Rubio


Emily Scoular

Intern Architect, AIBC