219 E Georgia Street

Vancouver, British Columbia | Completed 2014

Photo Courtesy of Shaz Karim, Sotheby’s Realty.

Photo Courtesy of Shaz Karim, Sotheby’s Realty.

Photo Courtesy of Shaz Karim, Sotheby’s Realty.

Vancouver’s Chinatown is under transformation and risks losing its urban architectural character. Currently, only 30% of the neighbourhood’s buildings are protected, leaving 70 % open to new development. As everywhere in the city, lot assembly and large-scale projects are argued economically but threaten the city’s historic fabric. This project, in many ways, typifies the opportunities and challenges of a small lot in a historic neighbourhood.

The architecture of 219 East Georgia follows the historic urban pattern of 25-foot street width. The type and programme are in character with the neighbourhood and pattern of dwellings over street front retail. This ‘shophouse’ typology referred to in the HA-1A District Schedule as ‘Chinatown architecture.’

In keeping with the historic Chinatown pattern, the street facade is mostly glazed, and the side façade is flanking the lane has a significantly different expression, creating a contrast between the structural/loadbearing side wall and the predominantly glazed street façade.  There are four living units per floor and two double storey family units with gardens. A communal roof deck is accessible to all residents.



Building Design: 
ASIR studio (Vancouver)
Inge Roecker

Birmingham & Wood
Architect on Record